About me

Hi, I’m Lisa. I am an Entrepreneur & a Maker, among other things…it’s really impossible to summarize a person with a list.

As a creative introvert, selling online was magical and I have been doing it for over 20 years now. I’ve helped friends and colleagues with their handmade online business and would love to help you!

The way I see it, your own online store is your business “HOME” and all other venues are tools to grow your business and “spread the word”. I would love to help you build your “HOME”!

I work with a handful of makers/business owners at a time to be able to give the best service, but you will be surprised how affordable it is. This is made possible by streamlining the process and concentrating only on what handmade businesses need.

What Else?

I love Animals. When I was young, I wanted to be a vet, but the thought of having to witness animals suffer on a daily basis didn’t sit well.

At a later stage in life I saw Dustin Hoffman in a movie where he was trying to design a chair and thought “that is what I want to do!”

I ended up studying Mechanical Engineering (I was a math and science geek, so it was a natural move). I was part of 10 girls in a group of 300 students that year (which had more girls than ever, we were told).

Happiness for me is sitting in a coffee shop with my best girlfriends, sipping a good cup of cappuccino and eating a fresh pastry…..

It's never the perfect time to jump into something new, so why not take the leap today? Let's start with a Free consultation...