Questions & Answers

I am sure you have a lot of questions, I’ll try to answer a few:

Selling on Etsy has a few BIG advantages.

1. When you are just starting off, and have no experience in selling online, it’s one of the easiest ways to get started and test the waters.

2. Etsy brings the right customer to you. You do need to compete with other Etsy stores but the customers they bring are people looking for unique items to buy and although Etsy has many stores, compare that to someone searching on Google.

So why leave Etsy for your own store?

Who said anything about leaving Etsy? It’s up to you ,but why not keep Etsy as a traffic source, a great traffic source. If Etsy is only the traffic source, you are less dependent on it and you can use it only for the things that are good for you and your business.

You need your own store so that your loyal customers will come back and buy specifically from you and not get lost in the Etsy universe. They will tell their friends, “I bought it from -Your Name here” instead of “I bough it from Etsy”.

You work hard on your social media followers and send them to Etsy, how many of them do you think are lost in the Etsy universe as opose to just buy from you?

What are the "necessary tools" included in the website

It depends on your needs, but some samples would be:

  • Setting up shipping.
  • Setting up payment processing.
  • Enabling contact form,
  • Incorporating Mailchimp and/or setting up Mailchimp or similar service.
  • Adding Social media links.
  • Adding an integration with Etsy.
What Platform is the site build on

We work with wordPress +Woocommerce. We recommend SiteGround as a reliable economic hosting platfrom.

What cost should I plan for maintaining the website?

It depends on you hosting company and WordPress plugins that you use but we estimate the following annual expenses:

Domain name annual expense: $17

Hosting annual Monthly: $7

WordPress plugins estimate – annual: $100  


How long does it take to build the web site

It depends on the complexity of the site, but about a month.

What is involved with the training?

We will teach you all the basics of WordPress + All the essencials of having an online store (adding products, updating prcies, etc.) + any marketing tools you will need on the store.

What is in the marketing plan you provide?

We conduct some SEO research for you and give you a blogging planner.  We also help with a plan to utilize your mailing list.

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